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SouthEast Loft Conversions & Extensions

Real Home Renovations for Real People

Loft Conversion Types

Velux Type Conversion;

    This type of Conversion is used when both; the foot print or your home and the head height of your exciting roof is big enough with changing the roof design. We then install Velux roof windows into pitched roof, then construct walls, floors and staircase. This is a very cost-effective loft conversion and dons not normally need planning.

Dormer Type Conversion;

    This type of loft conversion is the most commonly use method of extending your roof, this method gives the most area and usable space withing yours lofts potential. It is finished with either; tile hanging, render or cladding, all of which are down to the customers choice.

Hip to Gable Conversion;

    This type of conversion would normally be carried out on a house with a 3 sided (hiped) roof. Houses with a hiped roof tend not to have enough useable area to have a loft conversion so it is taken down and a gable end is constructed, allowing the ridge line to be continued from both sides of the property.

Hip to Gable Dormer Conversion;

    This type of conversion uses both Dormer & Hip to Gable types together to create the larges are possiable, normally these can be done under permitted devolpment and do not need planning permission.