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SouthEast Loft Conversions & Extensions

Real Home Renovations for Real People

Council & Planning Regulations:

Loft Conversions;

    Planning Permission is not normally required for most loft conversions. This is because the council allow you to extent your home to a maximum of 50 cubic meters (50m3);

     Trerraced home is a maximum of 40 cubic meters (40m3) for a loft conversions

Semi- Detached and Detached homes is a maximum of 50 cubic meters for a loft conversion.

You will need planning if your project is bigger than to areas above or if;

- You would like to add a domer construction to the front of your property.

- You live in a area of "Outstanding Natural Beauty"

- You have a grade 1 or 2 Listed building

- You have Conventcys in your local area

- your home is a flat or a Commercial building.

    For up to date informaion on Planning Permission, Building Regualtions and Council Laws, click the link here;

Party Wall Regulations;

    Any work to be carried out on a party wall should be taking into account. Although you own that half of the wall you intent to work on, your neighbour can not stop you from doing any work, but they may postpone works due to they may want a Party Wall Surveyor to view their side. Although this is rare, we've found that if you tell your neighbours with enough warning and in clear detail what you intent to do, a party wall issue will never arise.

    For up to date information on Party Wall Act 1996, click the link here;


    Planning Permission for an extensions may or may not be needed, as there are many different design types for any extension each build is different. All extensions do require Building Regulations overseen by our Independent Building Inspector. This ensures your build complies with all current Structural, Drainage and Insulations requirments.

    For up to date infomation on Planning Permission, Building Regualtions and Council Laws, click the link here;